Bastogne, Belgium and the Battle of the Bulge

I would like to thank Mr. Henri Mignon for spending he day showing me a around the Bastogne area and sharing so many incredible stories and memories with me. It was an experience that stay with me for all my life.

Henri was borne on the Bulge battlefield in 1936 in Houffalize, close to Bastogne. He spent 6 years studying Greek and Latin in the “Petit Séminaire de Bastogne” which became the Headquarters of the 501st (101st Airborne) during the siege of Bastogne. Please visit  his website and contact him for a tour of more information:

Church in Village of Foy 1945 2019 Battle of the bulge Bastogne history then and now band of brothers Stephen AmbroseRecogne Near Bastogne Belium Battle of the bulge history then and now 1945-2019Bastone Barracks - HQ 101 Airborne Division Bastogne, Belgium 1945-2019

Newport, Rhode Island – Time Stands Still

Thames and Pelham Streets, Newport, RI 1895 & 2018. If you look closely you can see that most of the windows in the 1895 photos have been knocked out by a hail storm.
Thames and Pelham Streets, Newport, RI 1895 & 2018

The Old Colony House, also known as Old State House or Newport Colony House, is located at the east end of Washington Square in the city of NewportRhode IslandUnited States. It is a brick Georgianstyle building completed in 1741, and was the meeting place for the colonial legislature. From independence in 1776 to the early 20th century the state legislature alternated its sessions between here and the Rhode Island State House in Providence.

It has not been altered much since its construction. As one of the best-kept surviving Georgian public buildings in the United States from the colonial era, it was designated a National Historic Landmark (NHL) in 1960.[3] It is also a contributing property to the Newport Historic District, later designated an NHL itself. It is still owned by the state, but managed as a museum by the Newport Historical Society.

Besides its political and architectural importance, the building was the site of many important Revolutionary events in Rhode Island. George Washington[2] and Dwight Eisenhower have both been guests at the building. It has been used as a barrackshospitalcourthouse and a location for a Steven Spielberg film.

history then and now newport rhode island colony house washington square Jason Gardner

Dunbar Hospital, Detroit 1922 & 2018

Dunbar Hospital, Detroit 1922 & 2018

Below left, doctors and medical students pose in front of Dunbar Hospital, a converted house that was the first hospital in Detroit for its black residents. At a time when blacks could be denied healthcare at hospitals on account of their race, minority-owned and operated hospitals like Dunbar filled a critical need in the city. Dunbar Hospital would later move to a larger location in 1928, with the original building reverting back to a home and later becoming a museum.

Detroit was, and still is, one of the most segregated cities in America. Though blacks have lived in Detroit almost from its founding over 300 years ago, it wasn’t until the First World War that large numbers of black immigrants began to arrive in the city from the south, along with southern whites who sought jobs in the defense industry. What had been a fairly integrated city became stratified along racial lines, with the racial prejudices of many newly arrived southern whites and some Detroit residents dictating a social policy that saw the creation of separate neighborhoods, schools, hotels, and public services for black Detroiters. Dunbar Hospital

Old London and New

Tower Bridge – September 7, 1940 during the first mass daylight bombing of London
Tower Bridge - September 7, 1940.jpg
40 Bow Lane – London England 1920
40 Bow Ln London, England 1920
Fleet Street – London England 1924Fleet Street - London England 1924

Artillery Lane – London 1912
Artillery Lane - London, England 1912
Cheapside with St Mary le Bow – London 1909
Cheapside with St Mary le Bow London 1909Cheapside with St Mary Le Bow – London 1910Cheapside with St Mary Le Bow London 1910
Aldgate Pump 80 Leadenhall St. – London 1880Aldgate Pump 80 Leadenhall St 1880
Savoy Hotel Exeter St. – London 1900Savoy Hotel Exeter St London 1900
Frying Pan Alley on Sandys Row – London 1908
Frying Pan alley on Sandys Row 1908Seven Dials with The Crown Pub & Shops – London 1910Seven Dials with The Crown Pub & Shops1910

Oxford Arms Warwick Lane – London 1875Oxford Arms Warwick Lane - London 1875

Barcelona Entonces y Ahora

Things change quickly in this city. In just 115 short years the entire name of this restaurant changed!
Escudellers 8 – Barcelona 1902 and 2017
Escudellers 8 - Barcelona 1902Carrer de la boqueria – Barcelona 1902 and 2017
Carrer de la boqueria - Barcelona 1902Font de Santa Eulàlia a la Plaça del PedróBarcelona 1960 and 2017
Font de Santa Eulàlia a la Plaça del PedróBarcelona 1960Plaça de Sant Felip Neri with bomb damage from and air raid during Franco’s siege of the city – Barcelona 1938 and 2017
Plaça de Sant Felip Neri - Barcelona 1938Catalonia independence is not a new issue. It actually spans hundreds of years and touches deep emotional/national feelings on both sides.
Riots in the Plaça Sant Jaume – Barcelona 1936 and 2017Plaza Sant Jaume - Barcelona 1936